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It’s completely acceptable for her to like another guy, but when you do the same or talk about another girl, she pretends like she’s not interested in hearing what you have to say. She may date another guy and still give you her attention, which makes you feel special, and confused at the same time.

Eventually, you don’t care whether she’s another guy’s girlfriend, you just want her attention and her love.

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But how far things go in bed or whether both of you would even make out on a date completely depends on her mood and her plans.

You’re just happy with the scraps she throws depending on how she feels at a particular moment.

If you know she’s dated a particular guy before and she claims she never dated that guy, but they were just friends, she’s definitely leading you on too! She convinces you that you’re very important to her and that she needs you.

She makes herself appear weak and helpless without your advice and emotional support.

But she’s always warm and flirty over the phone, or while texting each other.

She may even get naughty over the phone or have phone sex with you.

After all, there’s only a veiled line separating flirty friends and mixed signals.

And if you start falling for a friend, you may assume she likes you back too because in your mind, that’s what you’re secretly hoping for.

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