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The site also features a series of photo essays many dealing with trades and occupations) Pastscape (National Record of the Historic Environment/Historic England.

This was the company that printed the card and supplied the card stock. For more details see Record Offices The National Archives British Library Historic England Archive (The Archive is the public archive of the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission and holds research material on buildings and places, social and local history and archaeological sites including many historical photographs.

See below for details of online catalogues and digitised content)British Museum (British Museum Images.

The collections can be searched by street and by using key words.

The collection can also be browsed by subject) (Lambeth Landmark. Lambeth books & maps are available to buy from the site) (photo London: Database of 19th Century Photographers and Allied Trades in London 1841-1901.

The Tintype or Ferrotype process which appeared from the 1870s to the 1940s was a cheaper alternative to Ambrotypes.

Carte de visite photographs were introduced in the 1850s and became an affordable and popular option especially for the middle classes and over time with the working classes lasting in some cases up to 1919.

The entire range of images can be researched at the Historic England Archives in Swindon The site hosts a number of specialist collections including the Nigel Temple Postcards collection.

To access the collection, first click on 'Advanced Search' and then select 'Nigel Temple Postcards' from the drop-down options in the 'Collection' box.

The database consists of approximately 9,000 biographical entries on photographic companies and the people who worked within the photographic industry in London during the 19th century) UK Directory and Image Database: Mainly London 19th century) England & Wales Historic England Archive (Historic England formerly National Monuments Record.

Online descriptions with digital images of over 12 million historical photographs, documents, plans and drawings of historic buildings, scenes and archaeological sites, estate sales particulars, reports and publications on architecture dating from the 1850s.

Cabinet Portraits were introduced around 1866 and were larger and showed more detail than Carte de visite photographs.


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