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Altri autori preferiscono parlare di "abuso di pornografia", limitando la descrizione del fenomeno a un uso eccessivo di pornografia che interferisce con le normali attività.

Per altri ancora è "una ricerca compulsiva di emozioni profondamente piacevoli" tramite la pornografia, normalmente accompagnata da masturbazione compulsiva.

Per la letteratura scientifica italiana, al pari della più ampia dipendenza dal sesso, anche la pornodipendenza è lungi dall'essere definita chiaramente, e sul piano terapeutico le linee guida sono ancora incerte e frammentarie.

Risultano invece più ampie controversie sugli aspetti culturali e religiosi di questa compulsione, laddove la scarsa conoscenza o le forti controversie morali sulla pornografia in generale si interessano allo specifico argomento della dipendenza.

Vi sono tuttavia vari psicologi che hanno proposto questo riconoscimento.

La dipendenza da pornografia può essere ritenuta una forma passiva di dipendenza in quanto le pratiche masturbatorie sono stimolate dalla visione di materiali stereotipati, che limitano la libertà di immaginazione che caratterizza la masturbazione “reale”.Wife Jokes Wife Program Windows 98 Errors Windows Messages Wise Thoughts Witnesses Visiting Women And Dogs Women and Drinks Women's Dictionary Women's Meanings Women's Needs Women's Point System Women's Questions Women Superiority Women's Vocabulary Women Timeline Word Definitions Work Dumps Work Laws Work Phrases World Domination Worlds Smallest Books Writing Techniques Y Year 2000 Programs Year Book Secrets You're A Mom When... Motivo: La voce sembra essere pesantemente POV: si citano più volte le stesse fonti minoritarie fortemente di parte (es quelle di Morality In Media che si descrive come un'organizzazione che dal 1962 combatte la pornografia [1] o il sito di Vincenzo Punzi che è stato spammato per newsgroup, forum, ecc..), mentre si tendono a minimizzare le poche fonti autorevoli che si sono interessate al problema (da quel che sembra in gran parte negando che esista).Now And Then Number of the Beast O Office Humor Office Wisdom Old Age Alphabet Old Age Benefits Olympic Bid One Liners Only In America Origin Jokes Out of Office Emails Overdone Thanksgiving Oxymoron's P Parent Definitions Perfect Couple Performance Reviews Period Approaches Period Euphemisms Perks Of Old Age Personality Test Pet Truths Phone Jokes Phrase Translations Physical Jokes Picking Your Nose Pickup Lines Pilot Checklist Pleasing IT Police Quotes Politically Correct Practical Joke Practice Safe Fax Pregnancy Jokes Prison Or Work Product Wording Professionals Test Proper Disk Care Proxy Father Puppy Photos Pussy Types Q Quick Jokes R Reading The Signs Really Annoy People Really Bored Real Friends Real Man Test Real Or Not Reasons To Be A Guy Reasons To Be Single Redneck Medical Terms Redneck Sex Test Rejected Cereals Resume Reality Retirement Time Riding A Dead Horse Road to Enlightenment Roommate Sex Rough Day Ahead Rude Song Lyrics Rules For Flight Rules For Men Rules For Women S Safe Sex Sarcastic Remarks Secret Cat Diary Self Evaluation Seminars For Women Senior's Sex Guide Sex Definitions She Was Only A... You're A Woman You're Canadian When You're Drunk When You're In Trouble You're Old When You're So Poor...Short Jokes Sick Blonde Jokes Signs He Loves You Signs Of Insanity Signs Of Maturity Signs of the Times Signs You're Broke Simplified Dump Sister Logical Sisters of Mercy Skiing Exercises Slang Definitions Small and Big Breasts Small Towns Smart and Dumb Smart Ass Jokes Smart Sayings Snow Shovel Diary Software Developers Southern Terms Stages Of Life Star Trek Vs Love Boat Star Trek Vs Microsoft Star Wars Fanatics Star Wars Pants Star Wars Sex State Mottos Stupid People Sex Workout Stock Market News St Patricks Day Jokes Strange Facts Stressful Days Stuck On The Island Stupid Questions Successful Party Test Supermodel Wisdom Synonyms For Drunk T Taking A Dump Taking A Shower Technical Support Technology Addict Tech Questions Teen Commandments Texas Rules The Doctor Says The Gift The Horse Race The Insult List The Man and the Jar The Peanuts Gang The Raise The Shit List The Swearing Pianist The Tooth Fairy The Word Fuck Things Men Say Things That Piss Me Off Things To Ponder Tombstone Humor Tongue Twisters Tonight On TV Too Far North Too Much Of The 90's Too Much Tennis Toy Store Firing Trailer Trash Translating Personals Travel Agent Stories True Definitions True Meaning Twin Cities People Types Of Breasts U Ultimate Redneck Test Unavoidable Laws Unit Conversion University Classes University Jokes Unseen Barney Shows Urinal Challenge Used Condoms Useful Work Tips Using The ATM V Valentine's Day Cards Vaseline Biker Vegetarian Jokes Viagra Line Of Drugs Viagra Wife Diary Voodoo Dick W Weird Jokes Welfare Letters What Is Hell What Men Mean Who Is Jack Schitt? California Drive Exam Calling the Jackass Car Acronyms Car Stereo Blasting Cartoon Physics Cat Person Signs Cat Translations Cheap Medical Plan Celebrity Viruses Certified Asshole Changing Oil Check For Alzheimers Children's Books Chicken Crossing Chilli Contest Christmas Function Christmas Humor Church Bloopers Classified Ads Classroom Dialogue CNN Drinking Game College Athletes Exam Colon Comments Colonoscopy Remarks Computer Problems Computer Lies Computers In Movies Computer Viruses Condom Promotion Condom Selection Confucius Says Consultant Rules Consulting Prostitute Cooking A Turkey Corporate Definitions Corporate Reality Corporate Structure Corporate Stupidity Courtroom Dialogue Cow Economy Crazy Laws Crossbred Dogs Cucumbers Vs Men Cybersex Chat Cynic's Guide to Life D Dating Reality Check Dating My Daughter Daffynitions Punography Angry Notes Funny Book Report Computer Jokes Army Jokes Male or Female Between Generations Paraprosdokians Aphorisms Political Jokes 3 Life Truths Booze Quotes Canada Eh!


  1. Mark relates to this play as a first generation, Russian-American, who's parents emigrated to America in search of a better life, much like the family in RUSSIAN TRANSPORT. Patrons are encouraged to bring care items for donation to our lobby.

  2. Prin credinta sa în dezvoltarea treptată de la inferior la superior, evolutionismul era strâns legat de hiliasm; sau, cum spune Părintele Serafim, era „o consecintă aproape inevitabilă a acestuia”.

  3. For this cause, you can be sure you will receive good value for the money you pay.

  4. (This category may also include the desire to act out sexual fantasies and fetishes that couldn’t previously be realized).

  5. Udo Ludwig (Jahrgang 1958) arbeitet seit über 25 Jahren für den SPIEGEL, er schrieb abwechselnd für das Sport- und das Deutschland-Ressort, unter anderem über medizinische Themen. Es hat lange gedauert, bis Maria Westermann* so weit war.

  6. The question about the capital of Switzerland becomes a real trap at any quiz show.

  7. -Cringy lang ang Logo ng TVP with 3D Virtual Globe sa Lower Thirds dahil ang liit niya. Reyes, Juliet Cuevas, Enrico Parcon, Victoria Morena, Carmela Borres, Therese Escaler Dabao, Dr. Lopez Center Executive Director Mayan Quebral, Scientific Director Dr.

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