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Average annual rainfall usually exceeds 30 inches (about 800 mm), diminishing inland.

Spruce trees are prevalent in the hilly eastern portion.

The central region is characterized by large tracts of oak trees, with elegant birch forests in the northern portions, as well as distinctive black alder and aspen groves. Indeed, about one-third of the country is forested, and about another one-fifth is taken up by meadowlands.

Lithuanian vegetation falls into three separate regions.

In the maritime regions, pine forests predominate, and wild rye and various bushy plants grow on the sand dunes.

Swamps and marshlands account for only a small percentage of the total land.

Wildlife is very diverse and includes numerous mammalian species.

About four-fifths of the population is Roman Catholic; there are smaller groups of Evangelical Lutherans and other Protestants, as well as people of other faiths.

Elements of the pagan religion have survived in the countryside.

In the southeast there are sandy soils, somewhat loamy and moderately podzolized.


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