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The mistresses took the opportunity to take some photographs of my plight, some of which will be half-way round the world on the internet by the time you read this.

Whilst imprisoned, I could hear the mistresses’ footsteps – were they coming for me? Some sounds were emanating from adjacent rooms – most of which seemed to relate to serious strap-on activity at both ends of a prisoner’s body, including the use of a blue appendage known as “The Smurf”.

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So, finally, on completion of my sentence, I was let out back into the big wide world – to face further torment in that there were delays on network rail services, and no chance of getting a seat – which might have been a good thing as sitting down would have proved to be a bit uncomfortable…“I booked myself a place at “The Facility” as I have always wanted to experience long term bondage and domination.

The night before the event I received a prisoner transfer form that asked for details of my limits and any medical issues.

Warden Anastaxia wore half suede and half leather boots, Warden Cleo wore all leather knee-high boots and Warden Tytania ware patent leather boots.

Each boot had a beautifully tasty rubber sole that I licked clean.

I started off the party with Mistress Absolute, her enthusiasm is on the next level she really invaded my hole and made sure it got a good working out, she knows just how much to push you without you going too far over your limits its really quite something.

Next I was with Goddess Cleo, wow them eyes starting at you while being penetrated it’s what I call heaven.

She has a little secret technique that just takes it beyond I was “leaking” everywhere I tell a lie I almost flooded the place it was honestly amazing just wow. So if you dont know Dom Strapon she’s the lovely woman with the world’s biggest cocks and she’s crazy, crazy in my kinda way I mean banter level through the roof she makes you relaxed so well because you know she’s so experienced it’s great.

My favourite part of the party was right here, as Dom Strapon was ruining my hole to the brink I thought I could take no more Absolute jumped on me and pinned me down and forced me to take more.

I was roughly pushed up against a wall and made to explain why I was being locked up.

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