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Members are also offered small loans, allowing them to start their own business ventures.

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Savelat explained: “I run the Reflect Centre and educate other girls and women about the impact of early girl marriage.

I don’t want to see any other girl from my village having to endure the curse of early marriage.

Despite the city’s relatively depressed economic profile, however, some interviewees expressed considerable faith and loyalty.

"Some people support a footy team, I support what's around me. White people – rich white people and rich Asians – they escape to nice, posher places." (RAZ) While all the men had been through the local education system, not many had flourished academically.

Muslims comprise the UK’s largest religious minority, and are the object of analysis and concern within various policy arenas and popular debates, including immigration, marriage and partner selection, social cohesion and integration.

This study sheds light on being a Bradford man of Pakistani and Muslim heritage.We help vulnerable groups including women, street children and people with disabilities by working with local governments to secure access to healthcare and clean water.We campaign for women to be able to inherit and control land so they can have economic independence, and we encourage women to join our circles, where they can learn to read and write.This study, by Yunis Alam and Charles Husband, gathered insights, experiences and narratives from 25 men aged 16-38 that shed light on being a Bradfordian man of Pakistani and Muslim heritage.While there was some generational continuity of cultural values and norms, significant changes also appeared to be taking place.The men had a highly positive attitude towards the city and, in particular, the area where they lived.


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