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Fran Barnes writes:“There is a petroglyph in Natural Bridges National Monument that bears a startling resemblance to a dinosaur, specifically a brontosaurus with long tail and neck, small head and all. An Indian looking at a fossil skeleton of a diplodocus dinosaur could never have known that the dinosaur had a long neck and tail, and small saurian head all from a pile of jumbled discombobulated bone puzzle.In the San Rafael Swell there is a pictograph that looks very much like a pterosaur, a Cretaceous flying reptile. I tried to pass off the dino drawing as an anomaly of “oop art” floating out of some Indian’s fossil memory.

The following is from his book, In 1979, while exploring the enchanting Anaszai Indian ruins at Chaco Canyon, my rigid orthodox ego academia mind received a jolt.

At the ranger station, I picked up a copy of Canyon Country Prehistoric Indians, and as I thumbed through the pages, my heart skipped a beat for staring back at me from the book were a series of astonishing statements concerning dinosaur graffiti done by Anasazi Indians.

…I do not think it is sheer coincidence that the Ica Stones correctly portray the brontosaurus.

It is impossible…to have known what the brontosaurus looked like from any source of information in the 1960s when the stones were added to the Cabrera collection. Cabrera has been suspected as the mastermind, but not even he could have been aware that the brontosaurus had the wrong hea The correct head on brontosaurus was not the only biologically accurate characteristic that the Ica stones showed about dinosaurs before being verified by science.

The tomb contained a well preserved mummy with its head resting on an Ica burial stone. Some of the mummy’s blood had leaked onto the stone and left a stain. Cabrera’s museum, and the recently discovered stone from the Nazca tomb.

The three stones were taken to Mason Optical Incorporated in Portland, Oregon. The Ushuya stone was an obvious forgery with very shallow incisions and minute specks of blue metal from the hacksaw that was used.So far archeologists have chosen barely to mention such oddities, then ignore them, but sooner or later the problem of extinct or anachronistic animal rock art must be scientifically studied and resolved.”The Indians had to have seen real live dinosaurs to draw them accurately on sandstone cliffs somewhere between 400 A. Carl Sagan tried to account for the spread and consistency of dragon legends by saying that they are fossil memories of the time of the dinosaurs come down to us through a general mammalian memory inherited from the early mammals, our ancestors, who had to compete with the great predatory lizards.Memories, memories from 65 million years ago, I told myself. Swift: Humm, another dinosaur in the attic of a Bushman’s brain becomes so real that the Bushman paints his portrait on the walls of a cave.How did paleontologists remain fooled for almost one hundred years?Why do the stones in Ica have the right head drawn on the dinosaur?…Now we know that the brontosaurus had a long sleeker head and pencil like teeth.

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