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Top quantitative executive recruiter Linda Burtch of Burtchworks provides insight into how to keep yourself competitive in data science, business intelligence, and other analytics-related careers.Here's how to get ready for a future of new technology, including AI, natural language processing, and Io T.We will targeting a fix for this in our next release.

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Alternative and virtual realities provide organizations with new opportunities to reimagine product demos, employee training and more.

As the systems collect and generate data, there are opportunities to use the new streams in innovative ways.

Here are five things you can do to improve the cross-functional relationships and ROI.

With the rise in attacks on stadiums, airports, and concerts, along with the increased severity of natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods, researchers at Embry-Riddle are studying how humans behave on the worst days of their lives.

In the meantime, you should be able to copy the correct flags into your /etc/Makeconf.

The provided Makeconf configuration should work for Cent OS 7.

They are for packages ‘Java GD’ and ‘r Java’ JAVA_HOME = JAVA_CPPFLAGS = JAVA_LIBS = JAVA_LD_LIBRARY_PATH = LAPACK_LIBS = -L$(R_HOME)/lib$(R_ARCH) -l Rlapack we only need this is if it is external, as otherwise link to R LIBINTL= LIBM = -lm LIBR0 = -L$(R_HOME)/lib$(R_ARCH) LIBR1 = -l R LIBR = -L$(R_HOME)/lib$(R_ARCH) -l R LIBS = -lpcre -llzma -lbz2 -lz -lrt -ldl -lm -licui18n -licuuc -licudata -lstdc -licuuc -licui18n needed by R CMD config LIBnn = lib64 LIBTOOL = $(SHELL) “$(R_HOME)/bin/libtool” LDFLAGS = LTO = needed to build applications linking to static lib R MAIN_LD = $(CC) MAIN_LDFLAGS = -Wl, — export-dynamic -fopenmp MAIN_LINK = $(MAIN_LD) $(MAIN_LDFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) MKINSTALLDIRS = $(R_HOME)/bin/mkinstalldirs OBJC = OBJCFLAGS = $(LTO) OBJC_LIBS = OBJCXX = R_ARCH = RANLIB = ranlib SAFE_FFLAGS = -g -O2 -ffloat-store SED = sed SHELL = sh SHLIB_CFLAGS = SHLIB_CXXFLAGS = SHLIB_CXXLD = $(CXX) SHLIB_CXXLDFLAGS = -shared SHLIB_CXX1XLD = $(CXX1X) $(CXX1XSTD) SHLIB_CXX1XLDFLAGS = -shared SHLIB_EXT = SHLIB_FCLD = $(FC) SHLIB_FCLDFLAGS = -shared SHLIB_FFLAGS = SHLIB_LD = $(CC) SHLIB_LDFLAGS = -shared# $(CFLAGS) $(CPICFLAGS) SHLIB_LIBADD = We want to ensure lib R is picked up from $(R_HOME)/lib before e.g. SHLIB_LINK = $(SHLIB_LD) $(SHLIB_LDFLAGS) $(LIBR0) $(LDFLAGS) SHLIB_OPENMP_CFLAGS = -fopenmp SHLIB_OPENMP_CXXFLAGS = -fopenmp SHLIB_OPENMP_FCFLAGS = -fopenmp SHLIB_OPENMP_FFLAGS = -fopenmp STRIP_LIBS = strip — strip-unneeded STRIP_STATIC_LIBS = strip — strip-debug TCLTK_CPPFLAGS = -pthread TCLTK_LIBS = -pthread -lz -l X11 -l Xft -ltcl8.6 -ltk8.6 -lz YACC = bison -y for linking to lib R.a STATIC_LIBR = # -Wl, — whole-archive “$(R_HOME)/lib$(R_ARCH)/lib R.a” -Wl, — no-whole-archive $(BLAS_LIBS) $(FLIBS) $(LIBINTL) -lreadline -lncurses $(LIBS) R_XTRA_CFLAGS = R_XTRA_CPPFLAGS = -I$(R_INCLUDE_DIR) -DNDEBUG R_XTRA_CXXFLAGS = R_XTRA_FFLAGS = ALL_CFLAGS = $(R_XTRA_CFLAGS) $(PKG_CFLAGS) $(CPICFLAGS) $(SHLIB_CFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) ALL_CPPFLAGS = $(R_XTRA_CPPFLAGS) $(PKG_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) $(CLINK_CPPFLAGS) ALL_CXXFLAGS = $(R_XTRA_CXXFLAGS) $(PKG_CXXFLAGS) $(CXXPICFLAGS) $(SHLIB_CXXFLAGS) $(CXXFLAGS) ALL_OBJCFLAGS = $(PKG_OBJCFLAGS) $(CPICFLAGS) $(SHLIB_CFLAGS) $(OBJCFLAGS) ALL_OBJCXXFLAGS = $(PKG_OBJCXXFLAGS) $(CXXPICFLAGS) $(SHLIB_CXXFLAGS) $(OBJCXXFLAGS) ALL_FFLAGS = $(R_XTRA_FFLAGS) $(PKG_FFLAGS) $(FPICFLAGS) $(SHLIB_FFLAGS) $(FFLAGS) LIBR here as a couple of packages use this without SHLIB_LINK ALL_LIBS = $(PKG_LIBS) $(SHLIB_LIBADD) $(LIBR)# $(LIBINTL) .

The Red Hat Catalog tab defines a number of options including locations (such as the location of the source files and the repository), as well as filters and whether local copies of the files are created on the target server or downloaded directly during deployment.

The evolution of analytics and machine learning are shaping the industry's future, mitigating risk, improving business, and helping develop types of policies that individuals and businesses need, even before they know they do.

In today's technology-driven world, "innovation" has become a basic expectation.

Hi I have been trying to install packages such as text2vec on MRO open 3.4.0 on a completely updated Linux Mint 18.1 64 bit system and I am getting the above-mentioned error message; here are more details: Paths() install.packages("text2vec", lib=Paths()[2]) I have seen this discussion it didn't help me figure out what to do.


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  2. It also hosts the headquarters of the Asian Development Bank. From the period of the Spanish–American War (1898) and the Philippine–American War (1899–1902) until the Commonwealth period (1935–46), American colonial authorities referred to the country as the Philippine Islands, a translation of the Spanish name.

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