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You haven't given them or yourself a chance to get to know anything about them." Online matchmaking services are available for a very broad range of groups in Australia.

Greek, Aboriginal, Korean, Indian and Muslim services are on offer, as well as some for people specifically interested in interracial relationships.

"I create a database for the bride and the groom," says Mr Mankodi.

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"The Indians believe in traditional matrimonial connection, which has been successful when compared with all due respect to the Western style of dating to relationships," he says.

Mankodi explains that in the Indian community, compatibility between families is also extremely important.

She says she runs the service not only to help people find a relationship but also to help maintain the community.

"Within a couple of generations at the current rate of intermarriage there will be hardly any people worldwide outside of Israel who actually identify as Jewish." The Australian National University's Siew-Ean Khoo has examined a variety of data, including 2006 Census figures and marriage registration statistics, to compile a profile of inter-ethnic partnering in Australia.

But even then, there can be a degree of ethnic preference shown.

"Once you get to second or third generation, people who identify with an overseas ancestry but were born in Australia, they tend to be much more likely to intermarry,” explains Lyndon Walker.

And these people are embracing new technology along with more traditional means in their search for a partner from the same background.

Listen to the full Radio feature from SBS World News: "The reason that continuity is so important for the Jewish community is that if we look at the statistics - and we do when there's a census, we have people who do reports on them," explains Lewis.

It's a trend that Michelle Lewis's J-Junction is seeking to resist in the Jewish community.


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