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Menus are available in English and our friendly staff will be happy to help you choose your meal.

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Access to the hotel easy for every mode of transport: seconds walk from the nearest tube station and only minutes from both Shinjuku main station and the Shinjuku express-way.

Whether you are planning a visit to the business district, a shopping marathon in Tokyo’s fashionable department stores or you’re simply looking for a convenient base from which to explore ?

” In a secluded spot away from the main street and in the shadow of the skyscrapers towering above modern Tokyo, there is a small building that has stood since long before any of the surroundings ever existed... Considered the jewel in the heart of our rose, Kurikichi is Hotel Rose Garden Hotel’s independently successful, deeply traditional Japanese restaurant.

Backed with around 100 years of history, we feel Kurikichi is a great way for a visitor to Japan to sample true Japanese food cooked with quality seasonal ingredients in an authentic style.

Having enjoyed their stay, our comfortable rooms; polite/helpful service and great tasting food are why we see so many people return....

The hotel's opening coincides with additional budget flights out of Narita that leave as early as 6am, a time not supported by local train and bus services meaning those with the crack of dawn departures have to sprawl wherever they can in the terminal.

In addition, we reserve a single penthouse suite for the customer who desires the ultimate in Rose Garden accommodation.

Guests are offered a wide choice of dining options to compliment their stay.

[ Shinjuku Main Station ] - 2300ft/700m (on foot 8 minutes via flyover walkway; taxi 5 minutes; train 3 minutes via Nishi-Shinjuku) Comment: Fastest by train but a pleasant walk if the sun is shining.

[ Tokyo Narita Airport ] - 45miles/74km (bus 1 hour 15 minutes Taxi 5 minutes) Comment: Limousine Bus Service run a regular route (departing every 20min) from directly outside the airport terminal down the express-way and to Shinjuku Station.

Traditional food is best experienced at “Kurikichi”, our independent Japanese restaurant, with over 100 years of history, situated alongside the small rose garden from which we draw our name.


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