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On Steinway upright pianos, the serial number can be located on the top of the wrestplank above the cast iron plate when you open the lid.” The model letter or letters are part of the cast iron plate, but the serial number is stamped on.

In older or rebuilt pianos, the number might be missing from the expected place, and might be found stamped on the underside of the piano near the pedals.

A piano that sounds good to an amateur may not be up to par for the concert pianist.

For this reason we recommend a tuning schedule of twice a year for pianos in light use situations such as homes and up to four times a year for pianos in higher use situations such as a church sanctuary’s piano.

Once you trace a Steinway piano serial number, the Steinway website and several related sites will provide information on when a particular instrument was produced.

Details on the production date, model and original finish details can be unearthed. According to the Steinway website, “On Steinway grand pianos the serial number can be found on the cast iron plate between the tuning pins above the keyboard.On the home page of the website “Steinway Pianos,” click on the link to “Service.” On the "Service" page, click on “How Old is My Steinway? On this page, below the photographs illustrating serial-number placement, is a list of serial numbers paired with production years from 1856 through 2005.A notation explains that “the serial numbers represent the approximate ending serial number for the year of production of New York and Hamburg [Germany] pianos. We’ve also included a serial number listing for popular piano brands to help determine your piano’s age.The truth of the matter is, when it starts to “sound bad”, but because “sounding bad” is subjective, we recommend a proper tuning schedule for your piano.These systems are simple to use, cost only pennies a day to operate and extend a piano’s life.


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