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Type 1 usually causes fever blisters on the mouth or lips but also occurs in the genital region. Both HSV 1 & 2 can be spread in between outbreaks of sores.

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This is because it is easier to spread herpes to females from a male partner. The first outbreak usually occurs about 2 weeks after being exposed and lasts the longest.

It is less likely that a female can spread it to a male. One or more blisters will develop and then rupture causing a sore. Some people also develop a fever and have swollen glands during the first outbreak. Or they are so mild that they aren’t noticed or mistaken for another skin condition.

Prodromal symptoms of mild tingling, itching and redness may precede the actual outbreak.

Other prodromal symptoms may also include: For some patients with herpes, the infection may not progress beyond the prodromal stage or the attack may be quite mild with just a few small red bumps.

You just got tested for an STI and found out you have herpes. You can only get HSV-2 from sexual contact with someone who is infected with HSV-2.

Someone may not even know they are infected and that is why the infection can spread.

For men, singular or multiple blisters will appear on the scrotum, head, foreskin or shaft of the penis.

There may also be penile discharge and pain in “passing water”.

You will go through periods of anger, depression and denial.

There will be moments of acceptance, but it takes time to come to terms with the diagnosis.

It can take awhile to actually accept that you have an incurable STI.


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