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Also, Ryan is reinstated, and Alexx is taken to a hospital after collapsing in the lab.

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Also, Stetler learns about the relationship between Calleigh and Jake, and puts pressure on them to end it.

A man is strangled to death near a hotel pool during a total eclipse of the sun and evidence found at the scene suggests the killer may not be fully human.

She is also a leading suspect in her husband's homicide.

In court, Kyle goes on trial for kidnapping and his mother makes it clear she will do anything to regain custody of him.

Stalkers turn an innocent teenage swimming star into a sex symbol, plastering photos of her over all the internet, causing complications for the CSI team when the swimmer's boyfriend is murdered during her swim meet.

When following her it is discovered Horatio may be in danger after his testimony in a grand jury.

After Horatio's son goes missing when a prison transport is attacked Horatio must find him.

Upon learning of the identity of Kyle he is targeted in order to get at Lt. Tripp also gets into trouble when it is suspected that he shot a deaf woman as the prisoners escaped.

The probe also turns up evidence that the victim is connected to the man who kidnapped Horatio's son, which may mean that Kyle is in greater danger than Horatio feared.

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