Disability dating impotence

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The fight-or-flight response is generated by the sympathetic nervous system.

This impulse can be increased psychogenically by anxiety or by an organic lesion in the brain or spinal cord.

Low estrogen levels, as well as negative emotions, such as anger or fear, may inhibit arousal and lubrication.

These include problems with the autonomic, central, or peripheral nervous system.

The dysfunction also may be of psychological origin.

The site of the problem (eg, the nervous or circulatory system) governs the type of intervention needed.Sexual dysfunction in the presence or absence of disabling conditions has many causes.Organic/structural, psychological, or relationship issues may need to be considered, regardless of the underlying disability diagnosis.Thus, sexual dysfunction must be viewed as a systemic process rather than as a local one.Perform a full diagnostic workup in assessing any patient's sexual functioning.The quality of personal relationships in general, and sexual ones in particular, exerts great impact on a patient's self-esteem and support network.

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