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For example, they may find the work environment too noisy, or travelling to work is too stressful because of the crowds. However, in the right job and with the right support, people with ASD have much to offer.

They are often accurate, reliable and have a good eye for detail.

It is important to match someone's skills to the right job and offer ongoing support.

Each of these factors is discussed in more depth below.

Most researchers believe certain genes that a child inherits from their parents could make them more vulnerable to developing an ASD. Firstly, cases of ASD have been known to run in families.

Adults with ASD will need to consider where they'd like to live, and whether they might need any support at home. For example, some people may be suited to a residential care home, while others may prefer to live on their own and receive home support. Supported living can work very well for some adults with ASD.

They can choose a place to live in the community, they can live alone or with other people, and get the support they need.

TOM is a person's ability to understand other people's mental states, i.e.

to recognise that each person you meet has their own set of desires, intentions, beliefs, emotions, perspective, likes and dislikes.

At present, no specific genes linked to ASD have been identified.

There are currently no tests that can screen for 'ASD genes'.

If an older child develops an ASD, there is a 5-6% chance that any new child born to the same parents will also develop an ASD.

If an identical twin develops an ASD, there is a 60% chance that the other twin will develop the condition.

Being in a working environment can help the individual's personal development tremendously.


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