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Maybe it’s time to think that Wiki Leaks is not the main problem here for the West, maybe me and my publishing house are a lesser threat than say the Islamic State in Iraq or, closer to home, paedophiles in Westminster.“Why are they burning £240,000 a month on me which could be better spent on hospital beds, meals for the needy or teachers’ salaries?Mr Assange spoke out against both films, and in a letter to Cumberbatch said that The Fifth Estate "vilifies and marginalises a living political refugee to the benefit of an entrenched, corrupt and dangerous state".

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After two years unable to go outside living within the air-conditioned interior of the embassy, Assange is suffering from arrhythmia, which is a form of irregular heartbeat, a chronic cough and high blood pressure, Wiki Leaks sources revealed.

They also said the lack of Vitamin D, which is produced by exposure to sunshine, is damaging his health and could lead to a host of conditions including asthma, diabetes, weak bones and even heightened risk of dementia.

“We miss each other but it’s incredibly difficult to have any kind of relationship with those you love because it puts them in danger of surveillance, of attack.

The 43-year-old Australian computer hacker started the site in 2006, but it wasn't until the publication of information about the US military, leaked by Chelsea Manning, that Wiki Leaks and its editor-in-chief became household names.

Her role defending a man considered by many as an enemy of the US, could become difficult is her actor fiancé pursues his political ambitions and runs for governorship of California But Assange remains optimistic that diplomatic solution will be reached between the UK and Ecuador which will allow him to travel to a friendly country, such as Ecuador itself.

“As a nation they have done the hard yards for me and I know it is a safe place,” he said.

The former computer hacker complained about the waste of money spent in policing him, which has now surpassed £7 million.

He said: “The broader geopolitics is that the world is going crazy.

Among the leaks were a video entitled Collateral Murder, showing unarmed Iraqis being gunned down by an American helicopters; the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, which revealed the true human cost of the conflicts; and over 250,000 diplomatic cables, which shone an uncomfortable spotlight on US foreign policy.

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