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Soon after, the Limp Bizkit member told fans that Brit "happens to be a person that I [wouldn't] have thought could make me feel this way." While Britney said she didn't think they had a romantic relationship, Fred told Howard Stern that he thought otherwise..

They were later spotted kissing on the balcony of his hotel room.

, the Kentwood, Louisiana native never could have predicted the amount of success she would earn.

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After meeting on the set of the "Slumber Party" music video, both parties decided to give the relationship a try.

"I kept his number, and it was so weird because it was like five months later that I found his number in my bag," Britney confessed on AMP 103.7.

USA, Britney either wants Justin to guest star in her Las Vegas residency, or to date her instead.

“She’s encouraged by the fact that he’s hooked up with Kourtney Kardashian even though she’s older [than Britney]. She really wants to get closer with him.” Britney’s 34 years old with two kids while Justin is just 22 so we can’t really see this one working out too well in the long term – but stranger things have happened, after all!

"I was in love with her…I feel like she felt the same way."Kevin Federline: While their marriage only lasted three years, their relationship helped Britney become a mom to two boys who light up her world.

"Obviously, things didn't work out the way that they were supposed to," Kevin recently shared with VLAD TV when promoting his DJ career.

Britney Spears is into younger guys — and she’s not afraid to show it!

The popstar recently revealed her dating preferences, which included dating younger guys like Justin Bieber.

"Ahhh the single life," she shared with her followers. News that Brit called it quits because of an alleged video that showed David cheating on the celeb. Charlie Eberson: After going public in November 2014, things appeared to be going great for the singer and producer/writer. " she told Sam Asghari: Sorry guys, but Britney is currently taken.


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  2. I am asking because I don’t know if this agreement is assumed on your part or if he explicitly said, “Yes, you and I are exclusive…” or, better yet, “I want to be exclusive with you.” I’ll explain why I bring that up in a moment, but at any rate I agree with you that checking his dating profile seems out of step with having an exclusive relationship with you…

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