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An insider told Us Weekly: ‘When they’re ready and it turns official, we’ll start seeing photos.’ Better get started on their name.

movie filming with James Franco, we’re surprised he still manages to find time for a love life!

The “Kill Em With Kindness” singer/actress also played his love interest in the Jonas Brothers music video for “Burning Up” and later went on to have a torrid relationship with pop singer Justin Bieber., although nobody knows what went down with the duo in real life.

Tongues started wagging when they were spotted out on a double date with Jonas’ good friend, singer Demi Lovato, and his older brother Joe. They were shooting together in London’s West End, and Jonas was said to be dating both his costars , Barks and Lucie Jones, at the time.

A." co-star Nicole Anderson and former "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant Courtney Galiano. Nicole is 19 years old, while Courtney is 21 years old. Meanwhile, Nick and Courtney Galiano started "hooking up" during "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" filming in Toronto.

On how Nick managed his grueling dating schedule, the ex-boyfriend of Miley Cyrus was said hooking up with Nicole while he was in Los Angeles and when he headed out to New York, he was busy hanging with Courtney. A., he spends lots of time with Nicole on the set and off. "Nick and Courtney were 100% kissing before she left for NYC," a source told Zack Taylor site.

His last relationship was with Olivia Culpo and only ended in June after two years together.

Sources claim though Nick and Kendall are taking it slow, so it’ll be a while before we see them hanging off each other’s arms. A few months ago, Jonas confessed in an interview that his first kiss was, you guessed it, Miley Cyrus!They pair had shared an innocent peck outside California Pizza Kitchen in Hollywood back in the good old days!The two become close after filming the second season of "J. Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner ARE dating after Gigi Hadid set the two up it seems.Nursing his broken heart after the breakup with his first love Miley Cyrus, Jonas quickly found solace in another Disney star’s arms: Selena Gomez.


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