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It also features a built-in speaker, allowing the Echo Dot to be used in a number of situations from simulating an alarm clock in your bedroom to reading out a recipe in the kitchen, and can be hooked up to an existing speaker system via a line out cable.

For now the Echo Spot is a US-only product, but it is finally available to buy in the UK.

Echo Look can take full-length selfies and video at request, allowing you to show off your wardrobe to your heart's content, or for personal use quickly and easily scroll through your outfits and pick out one to wear.

The depth-sensing camera has built in A dedicated companion app lets you see yourself from every angle, while Style Check can use a combination of machine learning and advice from fashionistas to let you know which outfit looks best. Amazon Tap is a portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speaker, providing users with Alexa functionality while on-the-go, and everything that comes with it including music streaming support, smart home support and even the ability to order a pizza from Dominos (in the US, anyway! However while the Tap provides Alexa functionality, the real focus is on the audio quality - it features dual stereo speakers with Dolby processing, allowing for high-quality vocals and deep bass.

Here we answer your Amazon Echo questions and explain what are the various products in our complete guide to Amazon Echo. Its digital voice assistant will happily fulfil any of your spoken commands, from setting an alarm to searching the web to answer your burning questions and playing music.

Echo is constantly learning, too, adapting to your speech patterns, vocabulary and personal preferences.

It's always on and always connected with Wi-Fi allowing it to sit on your home network and access cloud services, and Bluetooth letting you stream music from mobile devices.

Alexa can handle things like multiple timers and alarms, IFTTT support, integration with Google Calendar, and lets you listen to Audible audiobooks and re-order Prime-eligible items from Amazon.

The Echo Look is another currently US-only product, which costs 9.99 but can be purchased from only by invitation.

A hands-free camera and style assistant, the Echo Look can ensure you are always looking at your best.

First, and most obviously, the Echo Dot will use the Alexa Voice Service to provide users with everything from music playback to the latest news, and even control of smart home devices (if compatible, anyway! It's also smart enough to work out which Echo you're closer to (if you have more than one) and respond only from that speaker, despite being heard on multiple speakers.

However, the Echo Dot also features Bluetooth functionality allowing you to connect it to any Bluetooth speaker in your home, bringing Alexa functionality to, say, the high-end Kef Muo Bluetooth speaker.

It was also designed to provide users with 360 degree sound projection, providing users with omni-directional audio.


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