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We are proud to have some of the region’s finest experts consulting with us, covering every major urology and nephrology specialty.

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The doctors of Emergency & Critical Care teams are well-trained and specialized in advanced life support, and life-saving techniques.

The department treats various patients with critical condition and is responsible for performing the advanced Emergency and Critical care services to save the lives of severely injured.

Neurology department of Max Cure Hospitals is integrated with dedicated and highly qualified Neurologists and Neurosurgeons who ensure the best patient care for a broad range of neurological diseases and disorders.

At Max Cure, the mission of Gastroenterology department is to provide excellent patient care with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic services.

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The Division of Gynecology & Gynec Oncology at Max Cure group offers holistic services for reproductive health and all gynecological needs of women in a sophisticated and dedicated manner with highest emphasis on patient safety.

Our entire team of Gynecology & Gynec Oncology provides a full range routine care along with procedural and technological advancements to empower women with the wellness they deserve to stay healthy in every phase of their lives.

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