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Autopsies completed on Wednesday afternoon are expected to clarify the timeline of attacks and exactly how the victims were killed.Police found a bloody knife on a ledge near a closet, and a second blade on a bed near the victims, reported he Times Union.Police say the family appear to have been targeted by Mann (left) and White (right) an unknown reason.

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It feels like somebody has ripped us to shreds,' she said.'My sister was supposed to be with me and her children, all three of them for Christmas.

And I got robbed of that,' she emotionally told reporters.

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Two people have been arrested in the quadruple homicide that took the lives of two women and two children in their upstate New York apartment.

Justin Mann, 24, and James White, 38, were arraigned in Troy City Court around 8.30am Saturday after being arrested Friday night.Reportedly, investigators were able to narrow down the list of suspects to Mann and White after reviewing security camera footage from the city of Troy.'The emotions of a police officer is something you repress because there is a job to be done,' Tedesco said.'But no one involved in this case is ever going to forget it.Right now our job is to bring this person to justice.' Based on evidence uncovered in the course of the investigation, police do not believe there is imminent danger to the community.Speaking about the moment he found out about his family he said 'Couldn't believe it. I fell down to the ground right in the bathroom and cried thinking who would've done this? Before the arrests, his aunt Shakera Symes, the sister of 36-year-old victim Shanta, appealed to the public.'Give the information to the authorities so that they can help find the person who has destroyed us, emotionally, mentally.'It got to the point where I'd be in the bathroom and he'd be on the other side talking to me like 'bro what are you about to do after this? Shakera Symes (pictured), the sister of 36-year-old victim Shanta emotionally told reporters: 'My sister was supposed to be with me and her children, all three of them for Christmas.

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