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In this regard, the Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, which does not propose a revised chronology, notes that No pharaonic king-lists include the 21st-25th Dynasties…. A sound historical framework for these centuries has proved more difficult to establish than for any other major period of Egyptian history.

Radiometric dating proved wrong

The manner of the date’s mention in the Bible implies that it was revered as a keystone of Hebrew history and had been carefully preserved.

The way it is written in the Hebrew implies that it is intended to be a precise figure.1 The date also correlates with the length of Israel’s period of Judges (Young and Wood 2008), with Jephthah’s argument in Judges ,2 and with the Jewish Sabbatical and Jubilee calendar (Young 2003).

(Taylor 2002, 330) Rectification of the problems associated with the TIP deletes more than 300 years from the Egyptian timeline, causing the prior dynasties to shift forward.

Such a change brings the 12th Dynasty into alignment with the 215-year Israelite sojourn4 in Egypt.

Using this frame of reference, parallels with the biblical account can be seen in the historical and archaeological data of the 12th Dynasty.

In particular, the hitherto inexplicable demise of the powerful 12th Dynasty, and the ruinous hiatus in Egyptian history that followed, are explained by the plagues, the loss of the slave workforce, and the destruction of the army. Based on the proposition that the Exodus did not precede the 15th-century, scholars have not tended to look for clues much before the 18th Dynasty. However, the scene has been changing more recently due to the growing realization that there are deep-seated problems with the conventional Egyptian chronology. However, despite its seeming bedrock character, the 1446 BC date has largely been ignored or maligned by the modern theorists. One reason is the lack of evidence for the Exodus in the corresponding Egyptian timeframe, that of the 18th Dynasty (1550-1352 BC).3 The Egyptian history of this period also does not harmonize with the biblical depiction of an Egypt crippled by plagues and a destroyed army. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 2-66. The TIP then became a repository for a number of lesser known rulers and dynasties, whose tenures were capriciously stretched to fill the available time.


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